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Robin Nixon, TECYES CEO and Founder established his media company in order to encompass all the requirements for varying artists, from creative conceptual ideas and design through to production and even distribution. TECYES have collaborative resources with renowned industry companies such as: The Radius Group, TENCUE, Syndrome Studio, AVDR and Moment Factory as well as many others. Offering full production services, consultancy, supervision, branding, design, talent scouting and agency, and artist management.
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TECYES has a dedicated team whose combined skills turn visions into reality by producing projects in a collaborative manner with strategic planning and execution. Whether a project is for film, television, commercials or music videos, TECYES services can accommodate even for live productions. As true futurist "Media Disruptors" Robin Nixon and his team of professionals have a proven track record with award winning results and music number one video productions. Art is long - Life is short, is the company motto.

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