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It’s Robin Nixon GRAMMYs time as he interviews Steve Aoki


Robin Nixon GRAMMYs – An interview with Steve Aoki – Up Close And Personal – A social TV event in history as Grammy U decided to continue the interactivity trend by hosting a livestream Q&A session from the Los Angeles Film school with EDM’s biggest artist, DJ/producer Steve Aoki.

Robin Nixon Grammys Steve Aoki Close Up Again

Steve Aoki founded his own label, Dim Mak Records in 1996, and the label is home to numerous other electro house artists and has released over 250 records. Aoki’s latest solo album, Wonderland, features guest vocalists and musicians such as Travis Barker, Kid Cudi, LMFAO, and Will.I.AM.

Robin Nixon Grammys Steve Aoki Jumping

Since there are many students aspiring to do what you guys do in the audience, did you choose to do this? What was your journey? How did you get there?
Steve Aoki: I grew up listening to straight-edge hardcore when I was in my tweens. Being in that community had a band spirit. We’d always come together with friends and make music. I started a label when I was 19, got into production when I moved to LA, and then started remixing in 2005. Bloc Party was the first band on my label. I then learned how to use Pro Tools and started producing. This most recent album, Wonderland, took 3-4 years to finish. What my past taught me is to be proactive in your community — be it starting bands, zines, anything. All my friends would pick up instruments and play horribly but still do it — it’s all about community support.

Robin Nixon Grammys Steve Aoki DJ

Did you always want to be a performer/artist? How did you discover DJing?
Steve Aoki: I stumbled into DJing. I started at 22, which makes me a late bloomer. I got my start DJing hipster parties — my group didn’t go to raves. We’d throw parties with DJs like Interpool/Bloc Party and didn’t know about Doc Martin or the like. I actually started DJing in Los Angeles on Cahuenga about 2 blocks from this current venue.

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