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In 2006 Robin Nixon (G.O.A.L. Advocacy Co-Founder) started outreaching to a homeless girl in his local neighborhood Downtown Los Angeles. Jane Doe was a helpless starving girl living at Metro 92 bus stop in district 4 Echo Park. She had been homeless for over four years and with mental health problems, she was unable to feed herself or obtain an ID, required for most homeless shelter intake. Dennis Davis observed Robin helping the girl on a daily basis and volunteered to help. After a 2 year period of rehabilitation and care Jane Doe slowly regained her health and her story unraveled.
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She was on a simple bus journey from one family member to another. Off medication and disorientated she disembarked at the wrong stop. This simple error lead to her becoming lost and homeless. Four years later she had become chronically ill and homeless. With daily outreach, care, and the help of agency investigations, Robin and Dennis got a positive ID on a missing presumed dead report filed 4 years prior. The result was a phone call to a mother... “We have found your daughter.” She is now living back with her family and a decision was made to start G.O.A.L. Advocacy...

G.O.A.L. Advocacy is committed to full recovery patient management. With an efficient direct help to women and proven process, this eliminates huge administration costs. G.O.A.L. Advocacy is approximately 500% more effective than many homeless missions and government organizations that deploy a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Sadly these ineffective systems often create a brief moment of comfort only to result in a ‘catch and release’ situation where ‘good will’ results in the homeless person returning to the streets.
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There are so many helpless vulnerable women on the streets. It is clear to us that we are capable of doing more and therefore we have set our goals to grow substantially and help more people. Our next level of growth will position us to enlist more outreach workers in Los Angeles and then begin to roll out G.O.A.L. Advocacy around the world, organising a larger and more focused strategic outreach. The primary difference made is providing ‘one on one’ specialised care to understand the specific problems.

"It is clear to us with our unique knowledge that we are capable of doing more, and therefore we have set our goal to grow substantially and help more homeless women". Robin Nixon

Please help support the G.O.A.L. Advocacy project. Thank you.

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