Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy Camping

GOAL Advocacy DTLA Streets

GOAL Advocacy DTLA Streets

GOAL Advocacy snippets of news from Downtown Los Angeles…

We are always given a genuine grateful smile and a humble “thank you” from our mentally ill homeless brothers and sisters. A simple cold bottle of water during a record heatwave can be life saving and give those that are the least among us hope.
Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy Water Drink

GOAL Advocacy Dennis Davis on the streets where sadly… it’s work as usual…
Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy Dennis Davis On The Beat
Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy Dennis Davis On The Streets
Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy Dennis Davis Food Rounds

We have started a fundraiser for Gina one of our first homeless rescues. After being lost on the street for 5 years we rehabilitated Gina and returned this missing person to her family. 8 years on her stabilizing medication has led to teeth loss, she now needs emergency dental care in order to eat. Gina has been through enough in life, let’s show her we care.
Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy Gina Fundraiser

“Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency…the number of encampments and vehicles occupied by the homeless has risen 85% in the last two years alone.”
Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy LA Awareness

At the very least, why can’t the city install and service Andy Gumps in the encampment locations? Surely the cost would be a drop in the bucket from a 100 million dollar fund. This would be a very very small first step in beginning to deal with the sanitation issue. These poor people literally “don’t have a pot to piss in.” There are models in other U.S. cities that have solved the problem of homelessness. Why can’t we learn from them?

I thought “Finally the city is dealing with the sanitation issue of our homeless population.” But upon closer inspection you can see they are inaccessible. if we are serious about sanitation issues and homelessness, couldn’t a sanitation service company be given a tax incentive to provide toilets and weekly servicing for free? I would rather the $10million dollars a year spent on “sweeps” be spent on this service. It’s not a cure all but would help.
Robin Nixon GOAL Advocacy LA Streets

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