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With Robin's success in the music industry and with special focus on music video art direction and production he was comfortable taking on roles and developing his skills and within the movie industry. There were no short cuts for Robin and he didn't want any. With an appreciation of all aspects and requirements needed to produce movies, Robin has worked in various departments as a Set Decorator, First Scenic Artist, Props, Assistant and Master Property Manager, Music Production Supervisor, Production Designer and more.
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Like any new person to the industry, Robin naturally had to be part of other peoples projects, some of which he may not have been too proud to boast about, but to his determination and longer term goals this was a necessary course to undertake in order to gain valuable knowledge and experience, all of which has lead him to now be able to choose the work which suits his creativity. Robin not only works and produces his own projects but also handles an array of clients and artists as well as being an accomplished consultant.

Robin Nixon has credited work listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) as well as his great music video production successes, and has won awards and achievements in recognition for his contributions within the industry.
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With consistent ongoing projects and career advancing cutting edge work, Robin Nixon has not only established a name for himself but has also carved a future with his company TECYES which is synonymous with creative art direction.
Robin Nixon Film Titles 1-6
Robin Nixon Film Titles 7-12
Robin Nixon Film Titles 13-18
  • Oh My God (2009) Music Production Supervisor
  • Journey to the Center (2008) Music Supervisor
  • Too Good to Be True (II) (1997) Production designer
  • Raven Hawk (1996 TV Movie) Property Master
  • Red Ribbon Blues (1996) Production Designer
  • Mr. Payback (1995 Video Game) Set Decorator
  • Raw Target (1995) Production Designer
  • Blood Ring 2 (1995) Production Designer
  • Fantastic Four (1994) Property Master
  • Save Me (I) (1994) Production Designer
  • The Unborn II (1994) Production Designer
  • Revenge of the Red Baron (1994) First Scenic Artist
  • Revenge of the Red Baron (1994) First Scenic Artist
  • Full Contact (1993) Production Designer
  • Munchie (1992) Property Master
  • Body Waves (1992) Set Dresser
  • Sketch Artist (1992 TV Movie) Assistant Property Master
  • Bloodfist IV: Die Trying (1992 Video) Production Designer
  • Quake (1992 Video) Property Master
  • Killer Instinct (1991) Props
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