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Robin Nixon has a proven track record of implementing his intuitive artistic flare within the Music, TV and Film Industries as a Producer, Director and Consultant. He has gained international success by assisting such artists as Oasis, Emeli Sandé, The Fugees and Boyz II Men but to name a few, as well as recognition and awards from entertainment industry organisations. With an ethos of pushing the boundaries, developing original concepts and honouring creative pioneers, Robin lives by the motto "Art is long - Life is short".
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Robin was born at RAF Wroughton in the UK to New Zealand father Michael and Austrian mother Bruni. His father and Grandfather were both decorated RAF Officers and Max his Grandfather was a celebrated Bomber pilot. On a failed mission to bomb the Zeiss lens Factory Max's Whitley Bomber plane was shot down though he successfully landed it with only one engine and no landing gear but as a result Max became a POW until his release back to New Zealand some years later.
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Robin grew up in various RAF bases in Malaysia, NATO AFCENT, Holland and the UK where he attended Kent College boarding school in Canterbury. Here he developed a keen interest in music and art which led him to attend Croydon Art College to study Fine Art. Robin took a keen interest in electronic music being influenced in Austria by the exposre to early KRAFTWERK. His passion for art and travel led him the Untied States where he started a career in Film, working his way up the ladder at legendary film maker Roger Corman's Studio.

Robin's Media company TECYES is responsible for creative Film and Music productions, and manages various Artists while keeping his hand in all things creative and art related. His major influence has always been David Bowie who also like Robin, grew up in South London and escaped the suburban monotony through the medium of Art. Robin left the UK at the early age of 19 and was later mentored by Malcolm McLaren and Nick Egan, both Punk Mavericks that launched the careers of the Sex Pistols and a worldwide affair with Punk style.
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As a man who never rests due to his passion, Robin Nixon also devotes time to something close to his heart, helping the homeless. So much so that in 2012 he set up the G.O.A.L. Foundation Los Angeles as advocates on behalf of chronically homeless men and women, providing outreach and care. As Co-Founder, Robin continues raising awareness of the homeless plight as well as being hands on and personally involved in all projects.

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