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Robin Nixon Production Designer of Emeli Sandé’s – My Kind Of Love music video revival…

Robin Nixon Production Designer enjoys another round of video views on YouTube as Emeli Sandé’s – My Kind Of Love music video seems to have been revived in a musical trend.

Robin Nixon Production Designer - Emeli Sandé My Kind Of Love

While many media outlets slated “Where I Sleep” to be released the fourth single, “My Kind of Love” was announced as the fourth single from the album on 18 April 2012. The track was written by Sandé, Emile Haynie and Danny Keyz, whilst production of the song was completed by Haynie, Daniel “Danny Keyz” Tannenbaum and Craze & Hoax. It is the only song on the album to have been produced by more than one producer, and with Robin Nixon Production Designer for the video. “My Kind of Love” is an R&B song that draws from the soul genre.

Robin Nixon Production Designer - Emeli Sandé Video
Robin Nixon Production Designer videos have had countless millions of internet views.

A music video to accompany the release of “My Kind of Love” was first released onto YouTube on 20 April 2012 at a total length of three minutes and forty-seven seconds. The video was directed by British music video director Dawn Shadforth. Former Skins star Laya Lewis features in the clip alongside Sandé. In the video, Sandé enters a hospital to visit a childhood friend who appears to be suffering severely with cancer and is close to death. When she finds her friend, who appears to be extremely depressed, she gives her a pink wig to wear as the cancer has taken her hair. After helping her to get dressed Sandé takes her from the hospital, unbeknownst to the doctors, to take her to the seafront amusements in Hastings to make the last of her days the best she’s ever had. Sandé also takes her to a park, intercut with scenes of them there when they were young. The video ends with Sandé and her friend sitting on a hill above the seaside town and her sitting a hospital corridor, seemingly having taken her friend back. An alternative interpretation is that Sandé and the woman being hospitalized are in a same-gender relationship, as hinted by the photograph taken of both of them as adults, as opposed to children. Sandé goes to a hospital to comfort her partner with a pink wig, a car ride, and then a merry-go-round ride.

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